You have Google Analytics setup, great! But now what? Within this intermediate-level webinar, we will review how you can use the information from Google Analytics to SEO your website so you can start seeing rankings on Google for keywords that actually matter to your business! Below are the five topics that will be discussed:

1) Knowing the Difference is Important: We will do a brief overview of what the difference is between organic and pay-per-click advertising. Some people aren’t quite sure what the difference is, so we want to make sure that you are aware.

2) Getting Keywords from Google Analytics: While this only takes a few minutes to complete, it is important to understand how to see the keywords in Google Analytics that are driving traffic to your website.

3) Picking the keywords to start with that matter to your business: While there might be 10, 20, 100, or 1000 keywords that are driving traffic to your business, it is important that you choose the right ones to make sure you get the most traffic.

4) Know your keywords? Great! Now, we will walk you through how to start SEOing your website with these keywords to start increasing organic traffic.

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