A recent report from the CMO Council found that only 6% of marketers believe they are extremely effective at developing compelling messages and executing measurable campaigns. Yes, only 6%!  When structuring your marketing campaign, you must learn to navigate unstructured data to increase your campaign’s return on investment (ROI).

Data Can Help With Segmenting and Targeting Your Prospects

Must Haves for Higher ROI in Marketing CampaignsYou must segment and target your prospects who are more likely to convert; however, new technologies make it possible to leverage external data that are representative of your best customers.  This data can be obtained from your website and social media platforms.

Through this data, marketers can identify high-performing segments and develop focused marketing campaigns that speak directly to that particular segment.

Personalize Your Message and Measure Campaign Performance

Effective personalization blends proper social and email targeting with a variety of channels. You can increase response rates through customizing your creative and copy to different titles.  Once you have personalized your message to your target audience, you should incorporate three key strategies:

  1. Set up a campaign for each channel in your CRM – Move towards an apples-to-apples comparison of the channels you are using by setting up campaigns for each. These insights can help shape future marketing campaigns.

  2. Use custom URLs – This is an easy way to track your efforts. Make sure to log your URLs to keep track of the ones you have used.

  3. Set up Contact Roles in your CRM – Close the loop to show ROI by leveraging Contact Roles on Opportunities .Drive adoption on your sales team to make sure your campaign ROI is properly attributed.

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