Chicago Mobile App DevelopersAs more companies around the world continue to use mobile, business owners need solutions for better managing field workers, office staff, and back-office functions and systems. Similarly, all of the employees need to be able to communicate and have access to the critical information they need in order to complete their basic job functions. Another challenge is giving field workers, dispatchers, and managers access to real-time information to enhance collaboration among the employees. All of these interactions must be seamless in order for the workforce to operate at optimal productivity levels. The solution to all of these challenges is mobile apps that can be designed to meet any business need.

How Mobile Apps Are Being Used In the Workforce

The right app for your employees gives the workforce full access to information from back-office systems that will assist in the better performance of job duties.  These apps can be developed to work in any environment, regardless of whether the employee is offline or online. Most times, enterprise business apps are part of a scalable mobile workforce solutions that can be configured within the mobile app. Using mobile apps can provide your workforce with the ability to access comprehensive data and information regardless of where they are located.

Rates of Adoption of Mobile Apps in the Workforce

As the workplace continues to change based on mobile workforces, it is hard to characterize mobile as a trend since the way of the world is clearly being defined by mobile solutions.  Citrix sponsored the Workplace of the Future global survey, which shows that the formula for the future of the workplace is one person using an average of six devices to do his or her work…..yep, you read that right….six devices! In addition, the number of desks being used by the workforce continues to decrease as workforces continue to become more and more mobile.

As employees use additional mobile devices to complete their work, more organizations are embracing mobile apps. According to a CIO article, it was discovered that roughly 1/3 of respondents are deploying mobile apps to more than 5,000 users in the next two years. More important, a recent Apperian survey found that more than 70% of respondents plan to utilize more than 1,000 users with mobile apps.   It’s important to note that mobile adoption relies heavily on help desk support, a BYOD policy, various tactics, and other factors.

The Benefits of Utilizing Mobile Apps in the Workforce

With mobile apps in the workforce, executives can view real-time information relating to each job being completed.  Executives no longer have to rely on paper or spreadsheets to log work, because employees can quickly create and send detailed invoices directly from any mobile device. Invoicing becomes instant and real time, thus avoiding the hassle of sending and printing documents back and forth between employees and customers.

Field workers can actually reap the most benefits from mobile apps. The portability of mobile devices makes it easier for workers to interact, collaborate, and present, all from one device, opposed to employees having to use a combination of cell phone, tablet, laptop, and desktop computer.  With appropriate mobile apps, field workers can access sales and marketing materials from virtually anywhere, at any time. Other apps allow the workforce to use a scanner, notebook, calendar, presentation tool, dictator, personal assistant, positioning tracker, performance monitor,, HD video recorder and camera, video editor, and more. With mobile apps for the workforce, organizations turn workers’ mobile devices into work tools that go far beyond phone calls and emails.

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